Ever was created in 2009 by a group of contractors experienced in children wear. The companionship deals with several business areas, from styling to marketing, from commerce to business management. The collections are developed according to the market requests and the study of new tendencies; creativeness, refinement and the fabric quality are the result of the group great motivation. Thanks to the experience gained in the past, EVER distributes the brands RTB "Ready to be" and RL "Red Limit". RTB is dedicated to girls from 3 to 16 years, RL to boys of the same age. In 2011, following the demand of a new collection of even more prestigious clothing, EVER records "Diamante Blu" a brand dedicated to ceremony for girls from 3 to 16 years old.

During 2016 the distribution on the Benelux market continues to strengthen so much that our collections for the ceremony are considered among the most appreciated; in front of a continuous commitment to the enhancement of our products, the requests from the mothers of our little customers intensify to have a product suitable for them and in line with the growing demand for "comfort", informal and modern, to be used both at home but also outside, an homewear that is also outdoor: "Vitamia Loungewear" was born almost for fun, projects us into the world of women's lingerie stores and in a short time allows us to distribute our ideas in over 200 stores.